At Phoenix IT gender equality is a critical component in our workplace environment. We are continuously working in reaching our goals to build equality and empowerment for women.
We are committed in our efforts on women in leadership, equal pay and the gender pay gap by making all our policies inclusive.

  • Women in leadership: We are recruiting, retaining and developing female talent, as well as internal and external communications and engagement in our goal in eliminating any bias in our practices. 66% of our managers are women.
  • Equal pay for equal work: We are developing an inclusive workplace culture with an accent on the contribution of the employee, not on their gender, age, race, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Gender pay gap: We are thoroughly assessing our compensation policies in our effort to identify any imbalances in gender payment. For this we are monitoring the proportion of women in our company because it has an impact in pay differences. For example, our employees are 42% women.

Our company supports new parents with maternity or paternity time off and they have the flexibility to return to the workplace.
We are also committed in respecting human rights as we are creating policies to tackle gender-based violence, like for example sexual harassment, by addressing the root causes (stereotypes or harmful norms) and applying these policies equally to all employees, applicants, interns, contractors and other associates of the company.